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Luxury Non-Slip Pet Bowl

Luxury Non-Slip Pet Bowl

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Elevated Dining Experience for Your Furry Friend 🍽️🐾

Upgrade your pet's mealtime with our Non-Slip Pet Bowls. This double cat bowl design is perfect for both cats and dogs, ensuring your pet dines in style. The iron base elevates the bowl at a gentle 10.5-degree tilt, promoting better posture and safeguarding your pet's cervical spine. Say goodbye to messy eating habits and hello to a healthier, happier pet. 🥰

Stability and Durability in One 🏆🧡

Crafted with high-quality ABS material, these pet bowls are built to last. The widened base provides stability, making it nearly impossible to knock over during enthusiastic meals. Whether your pet is a playful cat or a hungry dog, these bowls stand firm, ensuring no spills or mess. 🚀

Convenience Meets Hygiene 🧼👌

The separate double bowl design allows you to provide both water and food at once or use them independently. After thousands of tests, the scientifically determined tilt angle ensures optimal pet health. Cleaning is a breeze with the detachable base and bowl, preventing bacteria growth and keeping your pet's dining area spotless. 🧽🐶

Material: Gold-plated iron+ABS+soft rubber

Color: Golden+transparent

Product Size: Single bowl: 14.4*14.4*11cm / Double bowl: 30.5*14.4*11cm

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