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Cat Scratcher Board with Suction Cup

Cat Scratcher Board with Suction Cup

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Strong and Durable: The thick and environmentally protective high-quality cat scratcher board is strong and durable. 🐾

Experience the durability of our Cat Scratcher Board with its robust, eco-friendly design. This is where strength meets sustainability, ensuring that your feline friend has a scratcher board that lasts and cares for our planet.

Suction Cup Design: With the suction cup design, the cat scratcher pad can be pasted to smooth wall and glass, not limited to the ground. Even in a small space, your cats can have a scratcher board! 

Say goodbye to ground limitations! Our Cat Scratcher Board's innovative suction cup design allows it to adhere to smooth walls and glass. This means no matter how small your space, your cats can enjoy their scratcher board, maximizing play in every nook and cranny.

Multi-purpose Use: This cat scratcher board is perfect for cat scratching, lying, and having a rest. 😺💤

Our Cat Scratcher Board isn't just for scratching. It's a versatile, multi-purpose haven for your cat. Watch them indulge in their scratching instincts, find solace in peaceful naps, and cherish moments of relaxation. It's a one-stop destination for all their needs.

Material: Corrugated paper

Size: S:39.5x26x7.5 cm L: 46x25x5 cm

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